New Energy

863 Projects

Shaanxi Automobile is the only enterprise in the industry to undertake two major 863 projects in Ministry of Science & Technology in China. (extended-range/plug-in electric and heavy LNG commercial vehicle development).

National standards and obtained

Shaanxi Automobile takes the natural gas market share in China up to 40%, which firmly ranks the first in the industry. Moreover, the company has led the establishment of 3 national standards and has obtained 87 patents, which is the most in the industry.


The Key Energy Conservation and New energy Commercial Vehicle Lab was established in September 2014, mainly relying on Shaanxi Aut The laboratory aims to support the development and performance improvement of vehicle and parts products.


At present, the laboratory has more than ten large and medium sized testing equipment that can meet the development and testing requirements of core components of new energy vehicles such as vehicle engine systems, automotive motor systems, and power battery systems, including 445kW.

New energy technology planning

Municipal environmental sanitation and urban construction engineering are suitable for pure electric, extended range / plug-in technology.

Fuel cell technology is suitable for long-distance transportation.

Air-sea port and urban logistics area are suitable for pure electric power.

Core Technology

Key Laboratory of energy saving and new energy heavy commercial vehicles in Shaanxi Province Complete testing and verification capability of new energy vehicles and parts.

Engine test

motor experiment platform

Hardware Electrical performance Test-bench of vehicle Controller

Hardware-in-the-loop test platform

Gas chromatograph and supporting gas cylinder cabinet

EMC test system


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