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About Factory

Pressing & Punching Workshop

The pressing and punching workshop has a building area of 36,070 square meters, equipped with 5 mechanized press lines. It mainly undertakes the duty of processing the pressing parts for D' LONG and STEYR series heavy-duty truck cabins.

The import equipments, including KOJIMA HSP 1000/600T double action oil hydraulic presses, Kawasaki DP-800/500 double action oil hydraulic presses, 2400T multi-link mechanical presses, AIDA 1000T straight-side 4-point mechanical presses, 2500T High-speed oil hydraulic presses and other large pressing machines and large-tonnage bridge cranes, hydraulic elevators, belt conveyors, bedding-in presses, mold cleaning machines, etc., constitute the complete punching and pressing production lines. The whole workshop is unobstructed, neat and safe.
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