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S2000 is equipped with upgraded STEYR cab based on STEYR technology, WEICHAI WP10 engine series with Euro Ⅱ & Ⅲ emissions, STEYR front & rear axle and suspension, STEYR cooling system for chassis, STEYR air inlet and outlet system as well as a frame modified from STEYR technology.






  Trailer Truck
Drive type 4×2, 6×4
Cabin Lengthened High Roof 
Engine Weichai WP10 WP12 WP13; Cummins ISM Series
Emission Level Euro II, III, IV, V
Transmission FAST F10F12F16 Transmission
Clutch ETONФ430 diaphragm imported, Chinese manufactured
Front Axle MAN 7.5 ton (Drum)
Rear Axle 13 Ton MAN, Double Reduction, 13 Ton MAN Single Reduction, 16 Ton MAN Double Casting 
Suspension Multiple leaf springs configuration, few leaf springs configuration
Frame(in mm) (940-850×3008)、850×300(8+7)
Fuel Tank 400 Liter / 600 Liter Aluminum
Tires 12.00R20, 11.00R20, 12.00R22.5, 11.00R22.5
The fifth wheel Regular 90 Saddle, Strengthened 90 Saddle,Lightweight 90 Saddle


X3000 8x4 Dump truck weight specifications Model number SX33156T366 Engine model: wp12.380 E32
Load weight: 15500kg Curb weight: 15500kg Gross vehicle weight:31000kg


X3000 8x4 Dump truck weight specifications Model number SX35556T384 Engine model: wp12.380 E32
Load weight: 12500kg Curb weight: 12500kg Gross vehicle weight:25000kg
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